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What is iDream?

Founded in 2023, iDream is a national non-profit organization that empowers BIPOC and traditionally marginalized communities to find and amplify their voice, through Media.

We leverage our influence in Canadian media to create impact initiatives and media advertising grants for deserving applicants in art, entrepreneurship, film, music, and sport.

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It starts with your dream!

At iDream, we are dedicated to driving positive change in the media landscape by recognizing and celebrating outstanding achievements that promote equity, inclusion, and social impact.

As an applicant, your submission represents the body of work surrounding your initiative. Your story helps us magnify gaps within our industry, where without improvement, your dream along with many more could fall through the cracks.

For industry participants, the work is on us!

The iDream Media Excellence Award is a prestigious platform that empowers media professionals and organizations to make meaningful contributions in support of diversity, equity and inclusion.

Corporate donors have a unique opportunity to align themselves with this initiative and leverage its benefits to connect with BIPOC audiences, access culturally sensitive data, and showcase their commitment to communities that need them the most.

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