If all could hear you, what would you play? Here is how we listen…

• Artistic Excellence: Assess the creativity, originality, and technical skill demonstrated in the music produced by the nominee. (20% of some criteria matrix element) • Impact and Reach: Evaluate the nominee’s influence on the music industry, audience engagement, and reach across different platforms. • Innovation and Diversity: Consider the nominee’s contribution to pushing boundaries, experimenting with new sounds, and promoting diversity within the music industry. • Collaborations and Partnerships: Examine the nominee’s collaborations with other artists, producers, or organizations, and the impact of these partnerships on their work. • Community Engagement: Review the nominee’s involvement in community projects, mentorship programs, or advocacy efforts within the music industry.



iDream and the Media Award in Music

Join a thriving community that celebrates diversity and embraces the richness of musical expressions.

The iDream Media Award not only recognizes musical brilliance but propels musicians into the cultural spotlight, fostering global recognition and success.