Media Award

Media Award

A grant of :

Up to $1 million of Advertising Space

As part of a professionally co-ordinated campaign

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Before you apply, take a few minutes to learn the basics of how the media award works, and what crafts our skilled team of experts work with. Start with the definitions of Broadcast, Print, Digital and Out of Home advertising, and how they would work in your favour.

Out of Home

Broadcast Media

Broadcast advertising involves reaching a wide audience through television or radio. (They broadcast a signal that is received by a radio or television)

The Media Award could promote you through television slots, especially during popular shows that align with your target audience

Additionally, together with iDream we can create the content that helps you broadcast your voice!

Print Media

Print media advertising Print advertising involves placing ads in newspapers, magazines, or other physical print media.

The Media Award could promote you through full page ads in magazines or newspapers. As well as interviews that tell your story through major publications.

When considering print media, its important to understand the audience of the publication (who reads it), when its being read the most (on a monday?) this information is normally provided in a media kit.

Digital Media

Digital advertising encompasses online channels, including social media, search engines, websites, streaming and video sharing (YouTube) and more.

The Media Award will likely promote you with paid social media advertising, search engine marketing (SEM), display ads, and email marketing

iDream will manage the technical components too: creative development, ad spend, and analytics tools to measure the campaign’s success

Out of Home (OOH)

Out of home advertising refers to any advertising that reaches the consumer while they are outside their homes. This does not include digital ads on mobile devices.

The Media Award could promote you through strategically located billboards, transit ads, or digital signage in high-traffic areas relevant to your target audience.

The media award includes managed service so there’s always an expert at the helm: creative development, ad spend, and analytics tools to measure the campaign’s success

2024 Media Award applications open soon!

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