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There are several ways to work with us at iDream from lending a hand to raise funds, expanding our access to media inventory, sharing your story and skills as a creator, or by spreading the word among supporters and participants.

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Benefits of Sponsoring iDream

Prominence & Exposure

We serve multiple communities with a national scope. Giving your company, or brand access to communities and customers that have historically been diffcult to access.

Talent & Media

Reach BIPOC communities across Canada’s media landscape. Supporting us gives you access to talent and media content that will be invaluable in positioning your brand!

Multi-Cultural Lens

Boost your relevance through exposure  within multicultural communities and discover how
your organization can best serve
those customers or clients!

Network of Oppotunities

Through community and corporate initiatives, iDream serves as a hub where unique collaborations thrive while doing more good.


Volunteer with iDream

Benefits of Becoming an iDream Volunteer


Expanding your horizons is important, you’ll never know where your talents lie without trying new things. Becoming an iDream volunteer is an exciting opportunity for this!

Resume Building

Volunteering is a great way to learn new skills as well as put them into practice. Volunteering gives you training as well as the tools that employers are looking for!

New Networks

iDream has a vast national network of professionals students, community leaders and everyday people. Volunteer with us and grow your contact list!

Relevant Opportunities

Through our programs, and our opportunities your experience with us will prepare you for the creative jobs to come!