Why do this?

In a world where BIPOC and female artists often struggle for recognition and representation, iDream is committed to creating spaces where their voices can be heard and celebrated. On February 15, 2024, we made a firm statement of solidarity and diversity and paid tribute to the rich cultural heritage of Black communities in Toronto and beyond. This event was to showcase a piece done by Joseph XIII Cain as a way of raising funds for iDream, that presented an opportunity to showcase what iDream is all about, and how we can help in our impact areas, outside of the media award.

Honoring Black and Female Artists

At the heart of our event were the incredible works of Black and female artists whose talents and creativity inspire us all. From Lance Freeman’s mesmerizing abstract art to Nikkole Lebrun’s breathtaking portraits, each piece told a story, challenged perceptions, and ignited conversations about identity, representation, and belonging. By showcasing their art, we aimed to amplify their voices and shine a spotlight on their extraordinary contributions to the arts.

A Legacy of Cultural Significance

Choosing A Different Booklist as our venue was a deliberate decision rooted in a desire to honor and celebrate Black history and culture. As a cherished institution in Toronto’s Black community, the bookstore has a long-standing legacy of promoting Black literature, art, and activism. By hosting our event there, we paid homage to the bookstore’s role in preserving and sharing Black stories and experiences, while also highlighting its ongoing importance as a cultural hub for artists and creatives.

Amplifying Voices Through Collaboration

Our event brought together artists, activists, and community members in a powerful display of unity and solidarity. By collaborating with organizations like COMMB, ArtsHelp, and Billboard magazine Canada, we were able to amplify our message and reach a wider audience with our call for greater diversity and inclusion in the arts. Together, we made a statement—one that resonated far beyond the walls of A Dierent Booklist and sparked conversations about the importance of representation and equity in the arts community.

Coming Together to Make a Statement

More than just an art exhibit, our event was a testament to the power of community and collective action. By coming together to celebrate Black excellence and support underrepresented artists, we made a bold statement about the kind of world iDream envisions, one that values diversity, embraces inclusion, and uplifts the voices of those who have been marginalized. Through our shared commitment to change, we can build a more equitable and inclusive future for all.

Check out the Artists who Came!

Joseph XIII CainM


Nikkole Lebrun


Lance Freeman


Hans Poppe


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