iDREAM  |  inclusive Diversity Racial Equity Awards in Media

Media Award project

To create awareness and advocacy for those seeking to be heard in the Canadian landscape.

To help Canadian Black, Indigenous and People of Colour and other individuals from historically marginalized communities reach their highest potential.

To use our platforms of influence in Canadian Media and Business to create impact initiatives in the Music, Art, Film, Sport and Entrepreneurship Industries.

To create awareness and advocacy for those seeking to be heard in the Canadian landscape.

Art / Entrepreneurship / Film / Music / Sport

Awards in media could range from $250K to $1MM in media value each.

inclusive Diversity Racial Equity Awards in Media

Our Vision

This “Media Award” project is designed to create multiple grants in the form of advertising space across all media to allot to the selected winners in various disciplines; Art / Entrepreneurship / Film / Music / Sport

The aspirational goal is to generate millions of dollars of donated advertising from media venues like billboards, broadcast, and digital/social, with the winners using this media space to showcase their art, product, service, film, music or personal brand.

Our Goals

The goal of this award is to fund these five categories of excellence with a media campaign that delivers the reach and influence akin to that of a global brand to help our winners gain national acclaim.. Awards in media could range from $250K to $1MM in media value each.








Jamie has brought together an incredible group of stakeholders who have agreed to be involved in varied capacities.

The group is comprised of professionals from media, art, music, film, sports, and business


The founding board will be broken into smaller groups depending on the availability of the esteemed team members and the amount of time each has to devote to the project.

The Board

Working board & staff / advisory board / judges



Jamie Thompson

Jamie started Adapt Media in 1998 focusing on convenience stores for media properties.



Nicole Brown

Nicole has mammoth experience in the advertising industry's investment arena and was recently appointed President of the DentsuAegis Network.


Media Leader


Media Leader

Darian Kovacs

Media Leader

Dwayne Morgan

Media Leader

Eddy Bucardo

Media Leader

Ella Cooper

Media Leader

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Our Proposed Timeline

Inaugural Meeting with Founding Board

Hire Fulltime Executive Director / Finalize Branding and Website

Secure Grants and other Investments

Work with Board to collect more Media Products for Awards

Develop final awards programs, marketing strategy to reach applicants

Launch Organization to the World and call for applicants

June – July
Begin to review Applications

September / October
Host award show to give out awards

The Benefits

Here, we should explain the incentives and value prop for all parties involved:
The Award Recipient, The Staff, and Potential Brands.

Some examples below

Award Recipient
Flexibility, Cash stipend, opportunity to amplify voice, social activism, refine skills, gain confidence – showcase for employers

Build connection with community, pioneer of industry, enhance social visibility, align with like minded brands, talent incubator

Share success stories, talent pipeline, collaborate with endemic or non-endemic brands, provide mentorship, active or passive involvement

Join our mission. Volunteer, Donate, Advocate. Get Started Today.